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Super Gro is a natural liquid fertilizer developed to ensure the improvement of crops yield and productivity of animals. It also enables more water to reach the roots of the plant, thus optimizing plant yield. SUPER GRO Super Gro is an organic liquid fertilizer, which is made from poultry droppings and seabird guano. Being 100% organic matter, it makes it the best option for agricultural purposes. Super Gro is specially formulated to help gardeners and growers get the greatest value out of every drop of water used. It does this by reducing the water’s surface tension, making “water wetter”, boosting its ability to deliver life-sustaining moisture deeper into the plant root systems. This serves to ensure water supply as well as reduce water losses due to evaporation and run-off and water-logging. This feature supports better growth, and improved maturity and harvest duration. Super Gro is ecologically friendly, which means it does not distort the ecological balance of nature. It is for both indoor plants and agricultural application Food/cash crop farming. Super Gro feeds, renews and revives the plants, acting as both adjuvant (agent designed to aid in substances action) and surfactant (wetting agent). It reduces the evaporation so that plants can utilize enough water available for health and growth. This is also a natural fertilizer that will increase your agricultural yield more than three times what you would get from inorganic fertilizers. It supports photosynthesis, thus resulting in greener plants. It gives the plants stamina to withstand the wind e.g. maize, Guinea Corn, Millet etc. SPECIFICATION Super Gro (Liquid Organic Fertilizer) Weight- 5Kg Type- 100% Organic fertilizer Suitable For- Crop and Animal Farming Packaging- 5Litres and 1 Litres
Ifako-Ijaiye · 17 days ago
THE EFFICACY OF THE NEOLIFE SUPER GRO (NEOLIFE SUPER-GRO FOR PLANTING,SNAILRY,POULTRY, PIGGERY, FISH FARMING, AND OTHER LIVESTOCK FARMING) As the name denotes, it is the most wonderful natural liquid fertilizer ever produced for is meant for the purpose of growing crops and plants in order to add much values to them.This is to ensure that agricultural productivity is enhanced both in quality and quantity. It [super-gro] being natural in essence means that it is devoid of chemical input which makes it different from the conventional chemical fertilizers that we all know.Because crops and plants depends so much on water, super-gro is meant to improve the quality and quantity of water as required by these crops and plants for wonderful growth and production by adding the essential nutrients they require for that purpose and this is one of the advantages super-gro has ove other chemical fertilizer. Super-gro helps you make the most use of water,water one of the fundamentals of life itself. One of the reason why agricultural industry must not underestimate the constant use of this product is because as our global population grows,water will become an even greater concerns to everyone because of its importance in our daily life most especially for the production of food.Bearing this in mind,it therefore becomes much essential that we all should also be much concerned about improving the quality and quantity of water to ensure its most efficient use....... FEATURES OF SUPER-GRO It is a multipurpose surfactant. It makes water wetter It is specifically formulated to be effective, economical and versatile It is easy to use Has a long shelf life It tolerates extreme temperature variations It is safe to use indoor and outdoor It is non-toxic,non-caustic,and non-inflammable,economically friendly, has no side effects It improves the absorption of nutrients. ADVANTAGES OF SUPER-GRO ON PLANT Because super-gro makes water wetter, it helps retain the water under the soil much longer which ensures that the soil continues to be wet even in dry warm weather which also makes the crops/plants maintain their evergreen outlook and growth during the dry season........ Biodegradable:Leaves no harmful residue on the product of the crops and plants Being natural does not have chemicals that could leave any harmful residue on the soil unlike the other types of fertilizer. It does not adversely alter the soil pH. Reduces watering time by reducing run-off and evaporation It increases plant and crops yields increased maximum production is assured Its highly concentrated and therefore very economical and a little quantity goes a very long way User,environment and nature friendly Acts as a sticker on plants will have greener and healthier outlook at all time and at any weather. It enables farmers save a lot of time and money.A maximum portion of land produces a maximum output[maximum yields]. Ensures uniformity of crops/plant and their seeds.
Lagos Mainland · 4 months ago
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