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Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, and its automobile output and scale are also among the top ten automobile manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1948 by the legendary figure Koichiro Honda, the company is headquartered in Tokyo and employs about 110000 people. Now, Honda is a multinational automobile and motorcycle production and sales group. Its products in addition to cars and motorcycles, there are generators, agricultural machinery and other power machinery products. Honda set up a trademark design research group in the 1980s. From more than 2500 design drawings from all over the world, Honda identified the current three-string speaker trademark, that is, the framed "H". The H in the pattern is the first letter of Honda. This logo reflects the characteristics of technological innovation, perfect staff and solid management, as well as a sense of tension and relaxation. Honda's best-selling models in 2020 are Accord and Civic, both are Honda's midsize sedan. Honda Accord, which are fashionable, comfortable and practical. Honda Civic, which can be used as a sedan, coupe or hatchback, provides more versatility. It is an agile and energetic car with good fuel economy and high-grade cabin.

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