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Nissan in Nigeria (1410 ads)

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Founded in 1933, Nissan is one of Japan's top three automakers and the first to start making small Datsun cars and auto parts. For decades, Nissan's technology and products have been loved by consumers all over the world. In March 1999, Nissan signed a comprehensive alliance agreement with France's Renault Motor Company, which aims to strengthen Nissan's financial position and achieve win-win development at the same time. In a variety of businesses that are critical to the global business strategy, such an alliance between the two parties can achieve the best and complementary production, including sales, products and production activities. The alliance aims to enhance brand awareness and make these brands have obvious capabilities and characteristics to compete effectively in the global market in the 21st century. For the logo of Nissan Motor Company, the circle represents the sun, and the word in the middle is the Japanese word "Nissan". The whole pattern means aim at the tomorrow of people and cars. At present,the most popular Nissan car model are nissan altima and nissan pathfinder,both can be found on Yeebia!

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