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The founder of Toyota Motor Corporation, is Kiichiro Toyoda, an automobile industry manufacturing company headquartered in Toyoda City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan and Wenjing District of Tokyo, formerly known as Oi Company of Japan, affiliated to Mitsui Industrial chaebol of Japan. Founded in 1933, Toyota is one of the top ten automobile industry companies in the world and the largest automobile company in Japan. The focus of toyota's logo design is on the left-right symmetrical elliptical composition. An ellipse is a curve with two centers, indicating that automakers and customers are very close to each other. In addition, horizontal and vertical ellipses combine to denote Toyota's first letter T. The space behind shows that Toyota's advanced technology is expanding and extending around the world, facing the future and flying to the universe. Currently the most popular Toyota models is toyota corolla 2005, toyota venza and toyota highlander, which all can be found at Yeebia.

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