UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark 2023/2024 [UPDATED]

UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark 2022/2023 [UPDATED]

UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark/ JAMB UTME cut off mark 2023/2024 is for UTME and Direct Entry applicants who wish to enter University of Ilorin. On this page, you will be presented about the full information regarding aggregate mark for each in Unilorin. Also, you can also call it unilorin post utme cut off mark for all courses.

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There are several questions from candidates regarding the ongoing evaluation of UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark/JAMB cut off mark 2023/2024 academic session.

At this point, it is good for all applicants to know that the first and most mandatory criterion for admission to the University of Ilorin for your degree program is meeting the cut-off mark.

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LATEST UPDATE [Nov 15, 2021]

The University of Ilorin has changed the total marks for the post UTME screening exercise, the overall score for the screening exercise is no longer 100% but now 30%. Let me quickly highlight how the score is being calculated.

  • JAMB SCORE: 50%
  • O’LEVEL: 20%


For example, If you got 20 out of 50 questions in the screening exercise, this is how it will be calculated; 20 your total marks divided by 50 × 30, your actual screening exercise score is 12% over 30%. This is only for screening exercise division the rest is shown below.


For the JAMB, if you got 290 over 400; it will be calculated like 290/400 multiply by 50 your correct score will be 36.26% over 50%.

Try to understand that the overall score for JAMB, Screening exercise, and O’level will be added together and everything will be over hundred, which means the cut-off mark for each course listed below is still applicable to each department.

How to calculate Unilorin aggregate for all courses 2023

Take for example; you score 320 in you JAMB. So, you say 320/400 and then multiply by 50, you have 40%. Also if you score 70 in your Post UTME, you say 70/100 and then multiply by 30, you have 21%. And you add your O’level score to the two to make 100%.

UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark 2023/2024 | Unilorin post utme cut off mark for all courses 2023/2024

It is also important that all applicants wishing to apply to the University of Ilorin must select UNILORIN institution as the first choice in JAMB.

Please check the JAMB/ UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark 2023/2024 all courses, and UNILORIN total scores below.

If you remember, the main reason you visited this page was to find out UNILORIN JAMB and UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark 2023/2024.

Without wasting any more time, the UNILORIN JAMB Cut off Mark 2023 is 180, which the school assigns to all candidates.

Also, it is essential to know that UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark is only useful if there is post UTME for this 2023/2024 academic session.

See the UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark below.

UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark and JAMB UTME 2023/2024

NOTE: The table below shows the JAMB cut off mark for Unilorin and UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark for 2023/2024. [SUBJECTED TO CHANGE]

Let me try to explain more details about this table. For example, Aquaculture and Fisheries JAMB cut-off mark is 180 as shown below, while the departmental cut-off mark you must attain to study the course after all your JAMB, O’level, and Screening exercise point is calculated must not below 50%. This means that for you to be admited to study Aquaculture and Fisheries your overall departmental cut off mark must be 50% or above.

Do you understand now? Yes, that good! Let’s move on…….

UNILORIN Departmental aggregate cut off mark

S/NOCOURSEUTME CUT-OFF/ Departmental Cut-Off Mark
1B. Aquaculture and Fisheries180/50
3B.Sc. Food Science200/50
4B.Sc. Home Economics180/50
5B. Forestry and Wildlife180/50
6B.A. Arabic180/50
7B.A. English210/60
8B.A. French180/50
9B.A. History and International Studies210/55
10B.A. Linguistics200/55
11B.A. Yoruba180/50
12B.A. Hausa180/50
13B.A. Igbo180/50
14B.A. Performing Arts190/50
15B.A. Christian Studies180/50
16B.A. Islamic Studies180/50
17B.A. Comparative Religious Studies180/50
19Pharm. D250/60
20B.Sc. (Ed.) Social Studies180/50
21B.Sc. (Ed.) Economics180/60
22B.Sc. (Ed.) Geography180/50
23B.A. (Ed.) Social Studies180/55
24B.Sc. (Ed.) Educational Technology180/50
25B.Sc. (Ed.) Metalwork Technology Education180/50
26B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science180/60
27B.Sc. (Ed.) Technology Education180/50
28B.Sc. (Ed.) Woodwork Technology Education180/50
29B.Sc. (Ed.) Electrical/Electronics Technology Education180/50
30B.Sc. (Ed.) Building Technology Education180/50
31B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education180/50
32B.Ed. Primary Education Studies180/50
33B. Ed. Adult Education Studies180/50
34B.Ed. Counsellor Education180/50
35B.Ed. Educational Management180/50
36B.Sc. (Ed.) Business Education180/50
37B.Sc.(Ed.) Human Kinetics180/50
38B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology180/50
39B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry180/50
40B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics180/50
41B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics180/50
42B.Sc. (Ed.) Agriculture180/50
43B.A. (Ed.) Arabic180/50
44B.A. (Ed.) Christian Studies180/50
45B.A. (Ed.) English190/50
46B.A. (Ed.) French180/50
47B.A. (Ed.) History180/55
48B.A. (Ed.) Islamic Studies180/50
49B.A. (Ed.) Yoruba180/50
50B.Eng. Water Resources and Environmental Engineering200/60
51B.Eng. Computer Engineering240/60
52B.Eng. Food Engineering200/60
53B.Eng. Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering190/60
54B.Eng. Civil Engineering230/60
55B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering230/60
56B.Eng. Electrical and Electronics Engineering240/60
57B.Eng. Chemical Engineering230/60
58B.Eng. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering200/60
59B.Eng. Biomedical Engineering200/60
60B.Sc. Architecture220/60
61B.Sc. Estate Management180/50
62B.Sc. Quantity Surveying200/50
63B.Sc. Surveying and Geo-informatics200/50
64B.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning180/50
65DVM (Veterinary Medicine)200/70
66LL.B. Common Law260/70
67LL.B. Common & Islamic Law230/70
68B.Sc. Anatomy220/60
69B.Sc. Physiology220/60
71B. Physiotherapy230/60
72B. Medical Laboratory Science230/60
74B. Nursing Science230/60
75B.Sc. Computer Science220/60
76B.Sc. Mass Communication240/60
77B.Sc. Information and Communication Science190/50
78B.Sc. Library and Information Science180/50
79B.Sc. Telecommunication Science200/50
80Doctor of Optometry220/60
81B.Sc. Biochemistry220/60
82B.Sc. Microbiology220/60
83B.Sc. Plant Biology180/50
84B.Sc. Zoology180/50
85B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry200/50
86B.Sc. Applied Geophysics180/50
87B.Sc. Chemistry180/50
88B.Sc. Physics180/50
89B.Sc. Geology & Mineral Science200/50
90B.Sc. Mathematics180/50
91B.Sc. Statistics190/50
92B.Sc. Finance190/50
93B.Sc. Marketing200/50
94B.Sc. Industrial Relations & Personnel Management180/50
95B.Sc. Public Administration200/50
96B.Sc. Accounting240/60
97B.Sc. Business Administration220/60
98B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies180/50
99B.Sc. Economics220/55
100B.Sc. Geography & Environmental Management180/50
101B.Sc. Political Science210/55
102B.Sc. Sociology200/50

Now, do you pass? If yes, check out how Unilorin Admission List will be

FAQs about Unilorin aggregate for all courses 2023

What is Unilorin aggregate score?

The Unilorin aggregate score is the overall score used to determine a candidate’s admission into the University of Ilorin. And the Unilorin aggregate is 50%.

Will I be admitted If my aggregate is not up to 50%?

No, University of Ilorin will not give you admission into any course of study if you don’t score up to 50%. At least try to get 50% above, you may be transfered to a less competitive course.

How is the Unilorin aggregate score calculated?

The Unilorin aggregate score is calculated by adding the JAMB score and the post-UTME score together and dividing the result by two.

What is the JAMB score and how is it calculated?

The JAMB score is the score obtained by a candidate in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). It is calculated by adding the scores obtained in the four subjects relevant to the candidate’s chosen course of study.

What is the post-UTME score and how is it calculated?

The post-UTME score is the score obtained by a candidate in the University of Ilorin’s post-UTME screening exercise. It is calculated by adding the scores obtained in the screening test and the candidate’s O’level result.

What is the cut-off mark for Unilorin admission?

The cut-off mark for Unilorin admission varies depending on the course of study. However, the general cut-off mark is usually between 180.

What are the other factors considered in Unilorin admission?

Aside from the aggregate score, Unilorin also considers the course of study, and the quota allocated to the candidate’s state of origin.

Wrapping Up Unilorin Departmental aggregate cut off mark 2023

It is essential for you to understand that this cut off mark for each course is subject to change. Try to visit this page back as it will be updated immediately if there is any changes. Drop your question in the comment section if you have any query regarding Unilorin departmental aggregate cut off mark 2023/2024.

See you in better by far soon!😀

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